Futbol, Libertad y un premio en Monero!


Futbol, Libertad y un premio en Monero!

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10 xmr

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The Copa Monero is a futbol tournament that will take place in Ibarreta, Argentina (aka Monero Town). 12 local teams will compete in a total of 14 games plus a finale where the two top teams will compete to win the Copa trophy and a Monero grand prize!!

All the games will be played at the Club Libertad Stadium (aka Monero Stadium) on various weekends streamed live by a local sport broadcast company on the Monero Talk YouTube channel.

The goal (pun intended) of Copa Monero is to grow the recognition and usage of Monero in Ibarreta and the surrounding towns attracting locals to come out to cheer on their teams as the players passionately compete to bring home Monero! Also, it virtually brings the global Monero community together as they tune-in live to view Monero Town adoption in action and maybe even leading viewers to anonymously wager some XMR peer-to peer.

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The first game airs Saturday, June 8th, 2024 and will premiere LIVE at Monerokon in Prague on the main stage! The final match will air on Sunday, November 17th, 2024 and will be broadcast live at the MoneroTopia Conference in Mexico City!

A lot of work has and will go into this. Consider donating to our Kuno to help fund the production plus directly increase the Monero grand prize! Let’s give these teams a pot of digital cash worth competing for!

Watch a Documentary of Doug visiting “Monero Town” Here: