Futbol, Libertad y un premio en Monero!

Monerotopia23 Virtual Conference 

May 5th - 7th, 2023

3 days of LIVE access to all the talks on both stages from the comfort of your home!

Participate in Q&A Virtually

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Unlimited access to the conference recordings

If you can't make it in person, join us VIRTUALLY!


The MoneroTopia Conference brings together Privacy Advocates, Cypherpunks and Agorists to Discuss the Future of Digital Cash.


Bitcoin was the first attempt at creating a decentralized peer to peer digital cash system, but given its fundamentally transparent ledger, the State in concert with chain analysis CO’s, is working toward transforming it into a tool for mass surveillance, as opposed to being a utility for free speech money. With the rise of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the impending elimination of traditional cash, and the increasing threat to financial privacy, it is more important than ever to unite and build out a true digital cash utility that will preserve our liberty in the digital age. This is where Monero comes in – it is an unstoppable and untraceable digital cash that is gaining adoption toward achieving this goal.

The conference will feature talks from Monero developers, contributors, and other privacy tech projects, cypherpunks, agorists, and free speech advocates. The lineup includes Monero Devs Koe and Luke Parker, Andrey Sabelnikov who developed the first implementation of Cryptonote — the protocol behind Monero, OG Bitcoin Dev Peter Todd, agorist Derrick Broze, Cypherpunk OG Amir Taaki, FOSS advocate Luke Smith, anarchist and early crypto advocate Jeff Berwick and many more.

Real world participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops, from Monero 101 to how to use the internet anonymously from the NYM project, visit an adoption alley section showcasing the projects and companies that accept Monero, all while enjoying DJs and live music performers that can be tipped with Monero – as well as living off Monero at an XMR accepting bazaar of local Mexico City vendors. But if you can’t make it person and you don’t want to wait for the content to eventually be posted for free, you can join us virtually to watch all the talks live, participate in Q&A with speakers, hang out in the chat room, and have unlimited access to all the recordings.

The conference is all about networking with like-minded freedom seekers who want to participate in building-out a true digital cash parallel economy outside of state control. So even if you can’t join us in-person, join us virtually!